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I am a proud geek.

Lover of, but not limited to:

The Beatles,
Michael Fassbender,
James McAvoy,
X-Men {both comics & film},
Sherlock, Doctor Who, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Game of Thrones, Classic Rock, Thomas Kretschmann,
Tom Hiddleston, B. Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Ryan Reynolds, James Bond, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, & anything to do with England, Ireland, & Scotland.

Evolution perfects…

I need you. For a thing.

—our ever eloquent Doctor (via miss-killianjones)


I’m not the only one who thought this right?

As if Doctor Who hasn’t made me afraid of too many things already, this little shit appears



He’ll never make a timelord.

—and with that line we all had a collective holy shit moment (via thealternativeisburning)


The 10 Best Videos of People Poorly Explaining ‘Star Wars’

The Person: Peter Capaldi (as ‘Malcolm Tucker’ in The Thick of It)

Best Quotes:

  • "The one about the space hairdress and the cowboy?"
  • "His father’s a robot and he’s fuckin’ fucked his sister?"
  • "Then you can go and live happily ever after on the planet the teddy bears’re on."

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